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1️⃣ Eat In A Calorie Deficit ⚖

Without it, you won’t lose weight. Period.

2️⃣ Strength Training 💪

Best way to use your time in the gym to lose fat and get lean.

3️⃣ Moderation From Your Diet(80/20 Rule) 🥗🍕

80% of your meals are from prepared whole foods, 20% for fun

4️⃣ Be Consistent…..For A Long Time ♻

Because nothing happen without it.

5️⃣ Prepare All Of Your Meals Ahead Of Time 🍱

It will be impossible to stick to the plan if this is not done.

6️⃣ Patience ⌛

It’s going to take time accept it.

If you follow these rules your results will come. It may not come as soon as you want but this is the way to effectively manage your weight long term.

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