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When do I need to order my meals for the week?

We ask that all orders are placed by no later than Friday by 5PM EST for Sunday delivery. Any orders received after 5:01 PM EST on Friday, will go towards the following week’s meal prep.

When does the new menu come out?

The menu options rotate on a weekly basis and is disclosed each Monday on our website for the following week. Our menu consists of family recipes, our Fan Favorite classic meals, and new healthy meal options.

When are the meals delivered for home delivery?

Your meals are delivered each Sunday for the week at our pickup locations by 2PM. Home delivery is between 11AM-4PM on Sunday. We ask if you are not going to be home to leave a cooler with ice packs on the porch for delivery of meals.

Do you have a minimum for home delivery?

Our minimum meal order is $40 for home delivery.

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes! Our meals are prepared fresh and never frozen but if you are not planning on eating immediately within the first 3-4 days they can be put in the freezer. Just thaw out a day prior to consuming in refrigerator.

Do you offer Keto meals?

We do have a keto menu. You can see it here https://admin.leanimpactnutrition.com/product-category/keto/

What if I have allergens or dislikes to certain ingredients?

All of our allergens are listed on the meals so you are able to pick your meals based on personal preferences and allergy restrictions. Also, in your subscription page you can list any allergens or dislkies of certain ingredients  and those meals would be omitted from your selections.

Do you have contracts for your service?

We do not have service contracts for our service. You can set up a weekly automatic subscription or place one time orders with without being locked into any long tem commitments.

When will my subscription run?

All subscriptions run on Tuesday each weeek. YOu will then have from Tuesday until Friday at 5 pm to go in and make your meal selections. If you do not choose your meals by Friday at 5pm the system will randomly choose meals to ensure you will still get a meal dealoivery.

What are our meal sizes for Regular and Large Portions?

Our Regular size meal portion contains 5 ounces of protein, 1/2 cup of carbs, and a serving of veggies. Our Large size meal portion contains 7 ounces of protein, 1 cup carbs, and a serving of veggies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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